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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in Noe Valley

I got stuck parking a litle further from my Zephyr Real Estate office than usual today.  But I guess it was one of those serendipitous sorts of things.
I’ve been trying to go “green” just like everyone else is (or should be) doing.  So I was pretty excited to stumble on green11.
Located at 3980 24th St at Noe, green11 has all sorts of organic beauty products AND biodegradable cleaning supplies.
Big whoop, right?  Even Target sells those, right???
Well, green11 lets you bring in your OWN container, that’s right, ANY container and they fill it up for you from their big bottles full of organic and biodegrable goodness.  So that Tide detergent bottle you have?  Bring it on down, fill it up with some eco-friendly detergent, feel good about being green and then go home and do some laundry. 
My favorite part???
Their “business cards” are scraps of brown paper bags that have been cut down and their business info is stamped with a rubber stamp. 
Anyhow – it’s just one more EASY way that you can reduce your footprint on our precious planet.  :lol:

Posted by ShoZu