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Realtors Under Attack, But Fighting Back

We’ve all heard stories of REALTORS getting attacked by weirdos. Folks in our business have been robbed, raped, beaten and even killed.
And while the worst things I’ve heard recently in San Francisco involved an iPhone stolen from a fellow SF Realtor’s open house, and scams involving Craigslist, it seems agents in other parts of the country have a lot more to worry about than a stolen phone.
In other parts of the country, especially where foreclosures are high, agents have taken to wearing bullet proof vests, carrying Tasers and even guns, YUP, guns.  Just Google “Realtor Attacked” and you’ll see why!
I can’t say I haven’t thought about my own personal safety from time to time when I’ve shown up at a creepy looking house with a creepier looking seller on a listing appointment that doesn’t feel quite right. Unfortunately, it’s still illegal for us to pack heat to our listing appointments, but don’t think I still don’t take precautions when I get out there and risk my life in the pursuit of doing my part of helping those that need San Francisco real estate assistance. I still got a trick or two up my sleeve. 😉