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Readers Ask: What's the Latest with Daly's War on 2 Unit TIC's?

I have thought about making a dart board with little post it notes with the various things I can’t stand about Chris Daly on it.  I decided against it because I suck at darts, and would just put a whole bunch of holes in my wall. 

Apparently, I’m not the only one that thinks Daly is the TIC anti-christ.  I’ve had lots of readers write in and ask all sorts of questions about Daly’s latest crusade to make 2 unit TIC’s more difficult to convert to condos. 

I recently had a reader, Andy, write in and comment on the blog.  Andy wrote:

Luba – I am closing on a vacated 2 unit TIC building with a friend of mine TOMORROW!! I just found out about this potential legislation yesterday, just read your blog, and am freaked out!!

I am 26 years old and am putting my entire savings up for this duplex and felt comfortable with the thought of being able to convert to condos within just one year. We found the perfect place: 2 unit, vacant, no evictions since 04 and we were planning on living in each unit for well over a year. We read all kinds of articles on conversion bypass to confirm our situation applied before making the decision to move forward… and now this?

Please let me know any news you hear and if there is anything at all we can do to stop this.

I responded to Andy and said:

First- congratulations on being so together at such a young age.  Few people can get their act together to buy a home at 26!

We don’t really know what’s happening with the legislation.  I’ve been writing my supervisor asking for a status update with no response just yet.

I’ll send you an email a little later today or tomorrow with whatever I think you can do, and whatever the current rumors are.

For now – you can call Chris Daly’s office to express your viewpoint, and you can also look for Plan C, which is a great organization that is battling for better condo conversion measures, among other things.

In a nutshell, as of now, you are fine and with 1 year of owner occupancy, you can apply for fast track conversion.

But – get involved.  Express your concerns to your city supervisor, to Chris Daly, and to anyone else you can think of.

And keep reading the blog – I will post updates as I hear about things.

Now, Andy didn’t just ask.  He took action. 

Andy wrote EACH of the 10 supervisors in San Francisco!

Andy wrote:

I am writing in hopes of a vote against the proposed legislation by Supervisor Daly that would stop 2 Unit TIC Owner Occupied buildings from bypassing the Condo Conversion Lottery in San Francisco.

I am a first time home buyer about closing on a currently eligible 2 unit TIC property tomorrow, and will be putting my entire savings into my unit along with a friend of mine. We researched thoroughly the ability to condo convert before making the choice, and just found out about this proposed legislation yesterday, and, to say the least, we are pretty freaked out.

I have included below an email I sent to Chris Daly this morning expressing my concern.

Please let me know your thoughts if you have the chance. I hope that you and your fellow colleagues on the Board are listening closely to the community regarding this issue as it looks like everyone is sharing my concern (even though most are not directly affected like me).

Thanks in advance for any support on this issue.

Best regards,

And Andy got responses from lots of the Supervisors!  Most mentioned that Chris Daly didn’t get enough support for his legislation to make the ballot. 

The BEST news came from Chris Daly’s office:

This ordinasnce [sp] has been sitting in committee and will not make it to the ballot. Chris has no plans with it at this point. You could consider it tabled for now and take it off of your list of concerns.

Thank you

Lena-Nsomeka Gomes

Legislative Assistant

San Francisco Board of Supervisors


415-554-7974 (fax)

Now – while I like the part where it says “no plans” but I don’t like the part where it says “at this point” and I like the part where it says “tabled” but I don’t like the part where it says “for now.”

So…. what’s a San Francisco real estate owner/buyer/seller to do???  BE LIKE ANDY!

Take a moment to become a member of Plan C.  And then, write your supervisors!  Or hell, write ALL the supervisors!

The reality is – San Francisco real estate is expensive.  And when you’re trying to get started in the SF market, oftentimes, a TIC is your best option.  As long as tenants aren’t being forcefully evicted to make way for condo conversion (which can’t happen due to rules prohibiting condo conversion on Ellis Acted buildings or buildings with more than one owner move in), I think that TIC ownership and condo conversion must be a part of the SF real estate market in order to serve the needs of the first time homebuyer. 

So there.  If you agree, get involved.  If you don’t voice your opinion – no one will know to listen.