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Please, Won't You Be My Neighbor! SF Ocean View Flats for Sale!

Ocean Beach Living!

Ocean Beach Living!

It’s always a beautiful day in my neighborhood.  If you read the blog regulary, you know I live here on Great Highway in the Outer Sunset. 
You’ll also know that I LOVE my neighborhood.  Even on a crappy day like today, with the wind blowing and the rain pouring, I can sit in the comfort of my very own house and watch the Pacific Ocean waves land on Ocean Beach. 
It’s a different vibe over on this side of San Francisco.  There’s an amazing community feel, and the local businesses are fantastic.  Whether we’re talking about the Riptide Bar or Noriega Produce or Java Beach or The Pizza Place, you’d be hard pressed to find another group of business owners in the City that care more about their neighborhood than these folks do.
And, we also have amazing neighbors.  People actually care about the neighborhood and they get involved.  And with Carmen Chu making herself available to the community to both hear our concerns and respond to them (yes, she listens AND acts on what she hears!  Crazy, right?) the hood just gets better and better.
So, I’m thrilled to announce that you’ll have an opportunity to be my neighbor.  We won’t be living next door to each other, but when you live on Great Highway, all of your nighbors feel close, even if they’re a few blocks away.  And better yet, your neighbors become your friends! 🙂
I won’t give you the whole spoiler about the listing because I think to REALLY appreciate it, you need to see it for yourself.  But the website, will give you a little tease as to what living at the beach can be like.  Besides the ocean views and daily access to sunsets over the horizon, and your own ginormous landscaped yard perfect for parties (complete with bonfire pit!), you get an enclosed outdoor shower (the folks at Socketsite should appreciate that!) where you can get down to your birthday suit and not be afraid of neighbor’s prying eyes.
The Enclosed Outdoor Shower!

The Enclosed Outdoor Shower!

Check out the website ( or give me a call at 415-307-1392 for more info. 
And, “Won’t you please, please won’t you, please…….. Please won’t you be my neighbor???  Hello Neighbor!”