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Plea From a Local San Francisco Non-Profit

Hire-Ability is non-profit vocational services program partnered with San Francisco Department of Public Health and California State Department of Rehabilitation which serves the San Francisco Bay Area community by connecting employers with trained, assessed and pre-qualified employees.

They specialize in providing employers with a pool of employees that reflect the diverse and multicultural population of the region. Specifically, they assist employers in achieving their diversity goals by matching them with qualified individuals with disabilities. 

A good friend (and loyal reader of The City Update (TM)) that has been dedicated to the Hire-Ability mission has sent in a plea for help.  She sent it to her friends and family, but the request is worthy enough to share with you all (who I consider friends and family).  So please read on… 

Hello Friends,
As you all know, I work in vocational services for people with mental health disabilities, and just like everyone else, we’re being affected by the current economic burp (crisis?!). 

Businesses are tightening their budgets, layoffs are happening everywhere, and employers are now more hesitant to give our clients a chance.  

In order to meet our State goals, we need to find jobs for 30 people by the end of March.  

I know you’ve all heard me go on and on before, and know how passionate I am and how important reintegrating people into society is to me, so please let me know if you, your company or anyone you know is looking or thinking about hiring.  

We have clients who are trained in Janitorial, Food Service, Warehouse work, and Clerical / Basic Administrative, and companies may be eligible for tax credits. It’ll bring you many good karma points, I promise!
Many Thanks & a Big Hug,

So you all don’t officially know Michele, but trust me, if you did, you would know just how passionate she really is about her organization’s cause.  


If you think you might have a lead on a position that fits the above criteria, please give Michele a holler. And if you’re curious about the Hire-Ability, please check out their site at