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PG&E – San Francisco's Big Bad Wolf


I hate meter reading day.  In fact, my alarm just went off to notify me that it’s time for me to call PG&E and give them my gas & electricity meter reading. 
But, I hate meter reading day.  Sometimes, I forget.  And the rest of the time, it’s just a pain in the ass. 
Unfortunately, my meters are located in places where PG&E can’t see them from outside my house.
So when I heard about PG&E Smartmeters, I was SUPER excited.
But the wind has been taken out of my sails somewhat.  Seems PG&E’s mew smart meters aren’t that smart.  They’re full of errors.  BOOOOOO!
In fact, apparently there’s SO many errors that the San Francisco City Attorney has asked them to slow their roll.
For the full article, click here. 
And of course, whether you own SF real estate, or rent in the City, you might be affected by this too. 
In my fantasy world, PG&E will work out the kinks, fix the errors and make my meter reading life easy.
Till then, I’ll be calling it in manually. Bah humbug.