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People Are Actually Reading!

As more and more people swing by this here little real estate blog, I find myself getting more and more emails from readers.
Sometimes the readers are home buyers, sometimes the readers are home sellers, sometimes they’re other Realtors from across the country, sometimes they’re people with random questions about real estate.
The other day, I received a letter that was a little inspiring and reminded me that I don’t just write my blogs and my newsletter for myself.  It reminded me that people actually read what I write, and it made my day so much so that I thought I’d share it with the rest of you readers.
Here it goes:

Hello Luba,
You may or may not remember me, but I emailed you asking for a canvas bag a couple months ago. Firstly, I want to say thank you for that. I use it quite religiously every week I walk to the local produce store and it leaves me with a great sense of pride in enabling me to feel I am doing every small part I can in living green (and also saving myself and the grocer money. After all I am working towards a house here!). This initial contact with your voice leads me to my second statement of gratitude.
I have been reading your newsletters and I want to say good job, not only for informing me the buyer, but also for showing us that you are a true entrepreneur and doing everything within your power to help us and in turn help you thrive in this questionable state of the economy. First it’s the bag promotion and then the newsletters. I am looking forward to continued updates and other projects that will keep us excited about our dreams and futures.
By reading your newsletters I have motivated myself to take night classes in real estate at CCSF. It is only the first week and I am already drowning in the possibilities of the economy and learning so much about how real estate is woven within the fabric of our lives, from trends in loans and interest rates related to population spikes, rising oil prices, inflation of commodoties, and the local and federal politics and laws that shape our societies. I hope that by the end of this semester at the very earliest, I will have become an educated property seeker and have this initial spark of motivation to thank you for almost entirely. I look forward to the day when I or another young buyer can financially patronize your services and you might see a financial gain from your hard work, which I am certain you will reinvest in our futures.
Thanks again!
Grant Inaba

Grant’s letter really made me smile!  As a Realtor, I know that I often have an impact on the lives of my clients.  But what I often forget is that anything that I say might even have an effect on people that aren’t yet my clients – and are (for at least the time being) total strangers!  Writing my blogs and my newsletter gives me a great way to share information and insights with people I haven’t met yet – and it’s great to know that someone, somewhere is able to get something out of it! 🙂
Thanks for writing Grant!  :-)   Good luck with the real estate classes!  🙂