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Over, Under, At – SF Home Sales: November 24-November 30, 2007

up-down.jpgWelcome back to the “Over, Under, At” weekly feature. It’s a simple breakdown taken from MLS data that shows the number of closed sales that sold Over Asking Price, Under Asking Price or At Asking Price.
*Just a reminder that new construction sales are rarely included in this list since they don’t get posted on the MLS.
I’m skipping my commentary this week because I’ve been swamped and don’t have time to really analyze the data for you… but I didn’t want to put this post off, especially since I found out that there are some people that actually read this feature (Hi Jesse!) 🙂 OK, so I guess that means at least one person. 🙂
So this week, it’s “just the facts ma’am” or sir. And the facts are that there were WAY more closed sales this week than last week… guess no one wanted to close during the week of Thanksgiving and some of those sales that would have closed last week have rolled over to this week.
Here’s a quick breakdown of closed San Francisco home sales for the week from November 24 through November 30, 2007:
Single Family Homes
51 Homes Sold

  • 23 Sold OVER Asking Price
  • 25 Sold UNDER Asking Price
  • 3 Sold AT Asking Price
  • Condos/Lofts/Co-ops’s
    42 Homes Sold

  • 15 Sold OVER Asking Price
  • 17 Sold UNDER Asking Price
  • 10 Sold AT Asking Price
  • TIC’s
    7 Home Sold

  • 4 Sold OVER Asking Price
  • 3 Sold UNDER Asking Price
  • 0 Sold AT Asking Price
  • Luba