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Over, Under, At – SF Home Sales: January 12 – 18, 2008

up-down.jpgWelcome back to the “Over, Under, At” weekly feature. It’s a simple breakdown taken from MLS data that shows the number of closed sales that sold Over Asking Price, Under Asking Price or At Asking Price.
*Just a reminder that new construction sales are rarely included in this list since they don’t get posted on the MLS.
So last week, the state of the market looked bleak and sad. 29 homes sold in total. But it wasn’t a surprise since Decembers typically are quite slow. And this December was slower than it has been in several years. However, things have picked up. This week we’ve got 63 home sales. However, A LOT of sales sold UNDER asking! What does that mean? It means a lot of savvy buyers got some super sweet deals on some homes. They were out there at the right time and they got their homes at the right price. If you’re out there right now and thinking about buying a home, take a look at the signals that the market is looking A-OK and decide if you want to wait to see if the bottom is still going to fall out of the market, or if you want to jump in and get the right home at the right price for you. Read on for more details.
Here’s a quick breakdown of closed San Francisco home sales for the week from January 12 – 18, 2008:
Single Family Homes
25 Homes Sold

  • 8 Sold OVER Asking Price
  • 15 Sold UNDER Asking Price
  • 2 Sold AT Asking Price
  • Condos/Lofts/Co-ops’s
    24 Homes Sold

  • 3 Sold OVER Asking Price
  • 16 Sold UNDER Asking Price
  • 5 Sold AT Asking Price
  • TIC’s
    14 Homes Sold

  • 1 Sold OVER Asking Price
  • 11 Sold UNDER Asking Price
  • 2 Sold AT Asking Price
  • Luba