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Open Shutter to the Past: San Francisco in Pictures – Tax Collector's Office Force at the New City Hall (1887)

Welcome back to Photo Friday – my little way of taking a break from San Francisco Real Estate and instead blogging about our great City’s past instead. All photos are published with permission from the San Francisco History Center and San Francisco Public Library.

Postings have been light this week because I have procrastinated and waited till the very last possible minutes to take care of my taxes.  I had good reasons to procrastinate – my clients needed me.  A few want to buy a home and a few want to sell a home, and they all need fairly urgent assistance.  So, my taxes have gone untouched and my 2007 receipts are still stuffed into a giant manila envelope that exploded on my desk when I finally opened it. 

So, while I hide in in my cave and take care of the stuff that Uncle Sam needs from me this year – I give some thought to those people/machines at the IRS that are eagerly awaiting my 2007 tax return.  I don’t imagine any of them are very nice, or very pleasant and today’s Photo Friday picture seems to confirm my suspicions – people that work as Tax Collector’s just aren’t happy. 

The caption on the photo reads:

“TAX COLLECTOR’S OFFICE FORCE AT THE NEW CITY HALL, MCALLISTER AND LARKIN STREETS IN 1887; MR. TIM O’BRIEN, COLLECTOR. Back row, Left to Right: 1-W.D. Kane, 2.-Police Officer Sullivan, 3-H. Curran, 4-Unknown outsider, 5-R. Jackson 6-John Boyle, 7-M. Burk, 8-S. Neil, 9-Wm. Jones, 10-Wm. Gallatin, 11-P. Holland 12-Wm. Harrington, 13-T. Wilson, 14-Jake Rudolph. Front Row, Left to Right: 1-Reardon, 2-P Krause, 3-D. Levy, 4-Tim O’Brien, the Collector, 5-Chris Buckley, the Blind Boss, 6-S. Strause, 7-Lin Guion, 8-M. Fallon. The man with the beard in the background is Supervisor J. McDonald.”

Just take a look at this photo and tell me if there’s even one smiling face?!?!?!?  I see what looks like a smirk in the bottom left corner, but the rest almost seem like scowls.  I feel like they are all looking at me and silently thinking that there’s no way in hell I’ll get all of my receipts organized and my tax return submitting in time, less than 4 days from now. 

But they’re wrong!  I’ll make it.  I’ll get my receipts added up, and while I might not get much blogging done in the meantime (or much sleeping for that matter), I WILL get my tax return filed on time and nothing can stop me!

I hope you all aren’t in the same time crunch as I am in – but if you are – get to work, none of us procrastinators have any right to be enjoying this weekend!  We have tax forms to fill out!

To the rest of you – enjoy the sunshine, it’s finally feeling a bit like spring in San Francisco!