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Open Shutter to the Past: San Francisco in Pictures – Cabrillo Elementary School (1926)

Your SF Realtor's Elementary School

Welcome back to Photo Friday – my little way of taking a break from San Francisco Real Estate and instead blogging about our great City’s past instead. All photos are published with permission from the San Francisco History Center and San Francisco Public Library.

This week’s post was inspired by the upcoming Navigating Public Schools Seminar sponored by Zephyr Real Estate and yours truly.  

The free seminar will be held at the Contract Design Center (600 Townsend Street ) on Saturday, May 3rd from 10am-12noon.

The two-hour session will offer information about the recent improvements and advancements in the San Francisco Unified School District.  The speakers of the day will be SFUSD spokes woman, Gentle Blythe and Hydra Mendoza, founding member and former ED of SF Parents for Public Schools and Education Advisor to Mayor Gavin Newsom.

You will need to RSVP to attend the event.

So why did I pick Cabrillo Elementary School for this week’s Photo Friday?  A few reasons:

  1. The school is closed now – which is a good enough reason all on its own (that makes it a part of SF History.)
  2. I lived a block away in the Richmond District until I started high school.
  3. I attended Kindergarten and First Grade there (that means I learned my ABC’s, how to add and subtract and that Tater Tot day at lunch was the best day ever!) 
  4. I used to play hopscotch and “Chinese Jumprope” during recess and lunchtime. 
  5. I loved my First Grade teacher Ms. Grist (and I found a picture I drew in First Grade to prove it.)
  6. I just found an old class photo.  I’m in the top row in the purple and white shirt and showing off my missing front tooth.  (Coincidentally, there’s another Zephyr Real Estate Agent that happened to be in my class with me and is in the photo too – not sure if it’s coincidence or fate!?)

Anyhow – while this week’s Photo Friday post was short and I let the Western Neighborhoods Project do all the talking about Cabrillo Elementary School’s history, I’m hoping you enjoyed it nonetheless (along with the bonus footage of your San Francisco Realtor when I was 6 years old!)

I hope you have a great weekend!  And get out there and enjoy the sunshine – I hear the weather’s gonna be NICE! 🙂