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Newsom Facebook's his Press Release about Treasure Island Transfer from Navy to SF

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According to a Facebook update (yes, I’m Gavin’s FB friend, I’d like to think we’re actually really close and he reads my status updates and laughs. 😉 ):

[Mayor Newsom] just announced an agreement with the Navy to transfer Treasure Island (TI) to San Francisco. The development of TI will create thousands of jobs and one of the most environmentally sustainable developments in US history.

Um, pretty cool! 
In fact, if you haven’t heard about the plans for Treasure Island, had some good details about the path to a green and sustainable mini City.  It could be one of SF’s new awesome AND green neighborhoods in the near future!
So if you’re a real estate developer planning on, say, selling any awesome new green developments in the next 50 years in that area and need an awesome San Francisco realtor, give me a holler so that I can fit you into my business plan. 😀
You can read the press release (I found the link in the FB post) HERE.