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Upcoming SF Ballot Measures Announced

ballot-box-small.jpgIt’s almost that time of year again… believe it or not, local elections are just around the corner. Without giving you my 2 cents as to which ballot measures I support (and/or how they affect the San Francisco real estate market), I’ve listed descriptions of the measures that will appear on the November, 2007, ballot in San Francisco. (The full text of each measure can be viewed by clicking on the highlighted title.)
Charter Amendments
Proposition A—Emissions Reductions and Transit Reform—Supervisors: Ammiano, Daly, Dufty, Elsbernd, Maxwell, Mirkarimi, Peskin
Provides the MTA with additional authority over contracting, staffing and fee setting; redirects additional parking fee revenue to the MTA away from the General Fund.
Proposition B—Limiting Hold-Over Service on Boards and Commissions—Supervisors: McGoldrick, Ammiano
Limits holdover service by members of city boards and commission whose terms have expired to 60 days.
Proposition C—Requiring Public Hearing on Initiatives—Supervisors: Elsbernd, Peskin, McGoldrick, Alioto-Pier, Maxwell
Requires a public hearing prior to any ordinance or declaration of policy being placed on the ballot by the mayor or four supervisors. It will require the mayor or sponsoring supervisors to introduce initiative measures at the board at least 45 days before a ballot submittal deadline and for a committee of the board to hold a public hearing at least 15 days before the deadline. Failure by the Board to hold a public hearing before the deadline shall not prevent the Director of Elections from placing the initiative on the ballot as long as there is a notice in the voter information pamphlet that the initiative was not the subject of the required public hearing.
Proposition D—Renewal of Library Preservation Fund—Supervisors: Peskin, Maxwell, Elsbernd, Alioto-Pier, Mirkarimi, McGoldrick, Dufty, Ammiano, Sandoval
Reauthorizes a 2.5 cent set-aside from the annual property tax levy, an amount equivalent to $0.025 for each $100 assessed valuation, for library services and materials (the Library Preservation Fund) for an additional 15 years; authorizes the Library Commission upon recommendation of the mayor and Board of Supervisors to issue revenue bonds (without a vote of the people) for library purposes secured by and/or repaid from any available funds pledged or appropriated by the Board of Supervisors for such purpose.
Proposition E—Requiring the Mayor to Appear at the Board—Supervisor Daly
Requires the mayor to appear personally at one regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Supervisors each month to engage in formal policy discussions with members of the Board and to authorize the Board, in consultation with the mayor, to adopt rules and guidelines.
Proposition F—Retirement Benefits for Police Department Employees Who Were Airport Police Officers—Supervisor McGoldrick
(Applies to 62 employees of the Police Department who were airport police officers prior to December 27, 1997. Cost: Not to exceed $600,000 over 20 years.) Authorizes the Board of Supervisors to amend a contract with the public employees’ retirement system in order to transfer to the San Francisco employees’ retirement system the assets and liabilities of certain airport officers, and including time worked as an airport police officer in the calculation for retirement benefits for police department employees.
Proposition G—Golden Gate Park Stables Ordinance—Supervisors: Daly, McGoldrick, Mirkarimi, Sandoval
Establishes a fund for donations to the Golden Gate Park stables, appropriates up to $750,000 to the fund and requires the city to match every $3 donated to the fund with $1, up to $750,000.
Proposition H—Parking for Neighborhoods initiative—Jim Maxwell
Requires that a minimum of one parking space be created for each housing unit built in a neighborhood outside of downtown and a minimum of three parking spaces be created for every four housing units built in downtown. (The proponents of this measure have agreed not to conduct a campaign to seek passage of the measure. In exchange, Supervisors’ President Aaron Peskin agreed to carry legislation that would loosen San Francisco’s restrictions on adding more off-street parking in the South of Market and western neighborhoods. The legislation may be presented to the voters in February, 2008.)
Proposition I—Small Business Assistance Center Ordinance—Mayor Gavin Newsom
Requires the city to operate Small Business Assistance Center, specifies staffing levels and appropriates $750,000 from the General Fund to the center for FY 2007-08.
Declarations of Policy
Proposition J—Universal Wi-Fi Declaration of Policy —Mayor Gavin Newsom
Declares it to be the policy of the people of San Francisco for the city to support a wireless broadband network that provides free high-speed Internet access for all San Franciscans and protects user privacy.
Proposition K—Street Furniture Declaration of Policy —Supervisors: Daly, McGoldrick, Mirkarimi, Peskin
Declares it to be the policy of the people of San Francisco not to increase the number of general advertising signs on “street furniture.”