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March 2010 San Francisco Housing Sales Data is Here!

Yet again, Luba’s San Francisco Real Estate Blog brings you latest San Francisco Real Estate market report here. (You can also view previous market updates by selecting the archives on the upper right portion of the screen). Heres’s a little glimpse of the report:

Property Sales up Sharply in March

Sales of single-family, re-sale homes were up 87.5% from February. Year-over-year, home sales were up 66.7%. This is the ninth month in a row home sales have been higher than the year before.

The median price for homes gained 13.5% from February, and was up 14,5% year-over-year.

Sales of lofts/condos also increased sharply last month, rising 51.1% from February, and up 82.1% year-over-year.

The median price for lofts/condos rose 3.1% from February, and was up 3.2% year-over-year.

The increase in sales was welcome and put home sales up 39.9% year-to-date. For lofts/condos, sales are up 73.8%.

With the new state tax credit and the federal tax credit still in effect until the end of April, we expect sales for the Spring selling season to be strong.

Read on for full details.