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Looking for Love (More Outer Sunset Street Art)

Outer Sunset Street Art

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It’s a beautiful day outside.  But I’m sick, indoors, cranky and trying to stuff myself full of Vitamin C and Zinc.

But life outside continues.  Sunday I brought you a shark, today it’s a mouse.  And it’s looking for love.

I’m not sure who this artist is, but I wish I had more info.  I do notice that I it’s changed my life in a little itty bitty way.

Until I noticed this street art sprouting up in the Outer Sunset, I found myself overly-focused on what I was doing, looking down and hurrying through life.

But the last few weeks have been a little different.  I am constantly looking up.  Constantly searching for little bits of treasure hidden on SF’s utility poles.  And it’s actually made life more interesting.

So whoever you are, please don’t stop.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s intrigued, interested and grateful for the little smiles you’re adding to life through these carved wood surprises. 🙂