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Pace Yourself: Walks in The Bay Area

This is an excerpt from the August edition of my monthly newsletter, The City Update!

As I sit here and write the latest edition of The City Update!, I can hear the wind howling outside of my window.  The fog has hung over the Inner Sunset all day so far, while the rest of the City, from Noe Valley, to Potrero Hill, and surprisingly, even the Outer Sunset are covered in blue skies.  Yes… it’s another San Francisco summer!  But that’s just one of the many reasons I love living here.  I tend to not like hot weather… I find myself not wanting to go outdoors and do things when I feel like I’m going to melt.  The cool coastal air lets me enjoy the City and all it has to offer without breaking a sweat. 

But when I feel the need to feel the sun beating down on my skin… there are so many places to get away.  For those of you that don’t know already, I have three dogs, and there are not too many places in San Francisco where I can take them on a long hike or give them a chance to take a swim on a hot day.  One of my personal favorites is the Sunol Regional Wilderness which is part of the East Bay Regional Park District.  About 45 minutes from the City, Sunol definitely fits the bill for those days when you want to get away from the City and be one with nature, but you don’t want to go too far away to do it. 

But if Sunol isn’t your cup of tea, or if you’ve been there one too many times, or just don’t want to cross the Bay Bridge, Bay Area Hiker will help you find hikes that range from easy to strenuous, are dog/kid friendly and more, all across the San Francisco Bay Area.  They even have hikes listed by their level of difficulty, so whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll down a meandering path, or an all day trek through the wilderness, you’ll always find a place that suits your pace.