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Lions and Tigers and Bears – At Night!

Those of you that know me, know that I’m passionate about the San Francisco Zoo.  In fact, I donate a portion of every one of my commissions to The Zoo.  I support their mission of conservation, and am happy to be a part of their goal to create a world class zoo in a world class city like SF!  And with the recent additions of the African Savannah and the newest exhibit, Grizzly Gulch, the zoo is on the way there! 

One of my first and fondest memories was finding an elephant key to the original talking storyboxes that were in place at the zoo.  I remember Spider Monkey Island, I remember when the Gift Shop used to be in the old Mothers Building, and I remember when the Primate Discovery Center was first built.  To me, it isn’t just the San Francisco Zoo, it’s MY Zoo!  And MY San Francisco Zoo is holding its annual Night Tour on Friday, September 7th and Saturday, September 8th. 

Now… not just anyone can go, you have to be a member.  Memberships start at just $45 for students and seniors, $60 for individuals and $75 for dual family memberships.  And just like American Express, San Francisco Zoo membership has it’s priveledges!  In addition to free admission 365 days a year, discounts at Zoo retail and food shops, and the annual Night Tours, members get special previews of new exhibits before they ever open. 

When Grizzly Gulch recently opened, I got to be there to see the Grizzly sisters, Kachina and Kiona, getting familiar with their new exhibit days before it was open to the general public.  At certain membership levels, you even get the opportunity to get behind the scenes!  At a recent special event at the zoo, a scrumptious breakfast was followed by an opportunity for one of several behind the scenes tours with the Zoo Keepers… I chose to see the Koala Quarters where I actually got to pet one of the residents.  And in a few weeks, I’ll get to attend another special behind the scenes event… so stay tuned to hear about it, and to see some photos. 

But in the meantime, if you want to get to enjoy this year’s Night Tour, don’t hesitate, and sign up for your San Francisco Zoo membership today! And if you do make it to Night Tour, stop by and say “hi!” I’ll be there both nights volunteering at the merchandise fulfillment booth near the main entrance!
And by the way, I donate a portion of my fees for every sale to the San Francisco Zoo. Contact me for more information!