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It's Raining, It's Pouring, The REALTOR is Snoring…

I went to bed with a cold in my head, and I didn’t get up till the morning!

The video above from could have been taken on any tree lined street in San Francisco. Most streets in the City are a mess and are covered in wind-strewn trash, fallen trees or broken umbrellas. The storm has made it plain nasty outside the last few days. Thursday night/Friday morning the wind blew so hard against my house that I was convinced the shaking was caused by an earthquake and then Friday morning, upon leaving the tiny tree-lined street I live on, I had to navigate around the trees in the road, and even had to get out of my car to move some gigantic branches.
If you’re reading this right now – there’s been a little break in the rain, and I even see a glimpse of fading blue sky in the East as the sun sets in the West. But don’t put away your galoshes just yet – there’s definitely more rain on the horizon.
If I were you, I’d tuck myself into bed with a good book and a cup of tea and hang out until this weather pattern passes. But if you do have to go outside, at least make sure you drive safe and watch out for falling trees!
As for me, I’ll be in bed catching up on some work and fighting the cold in my head! 🙂