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I'm Broken and I Can't Get Up

So I’m broken. 

I’ve hurt my back something terrible and the right side of my body from the middle of my back on up is in excruciating pain.  I did the heat thing, the massage thing, the lots of (legal) drugs thing and finally today, the acupuncture thing.  I’m still in pain. 

So, I’m not really feeling up to writing about SF Real Estate right now.  In fact, typing hurts, sitting hurts, moving hurts, writing hurts – everything hurts. 

I’ll be taking it easy the next few days to let my body get better – that means I’ll be avoiding the computer.  And once I’m feeling like I’m back in one piece, you’ll see a more regular posting schedule once again.

In the meantime to get your fix of San Francisco real estate stuff (and other stuff I happen to find interesting) check out these sites that you can find in my blogroll to the left: