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I Was Quoted in the Examiner – Sort Of

So I picked up the Examiner real estate section over the weekend, and there on pages 4 and 5 is an article about Sunset District Doelger homes. And I was quoted in it!
OK – so if you look close, you don’t actually see my name – instead you see “Zuba Muzichenko”, but I swear that I don’t have a sister (or brother) named Zuba, and that I really did talk to Larry Rosen of the Examiner about Sunset Doelgers – I even confirmed with him, and he apologized for renaming me. I think he found me from a previous post I had done about the “infamous boxes“.
Anyhow – for your reading enjoyment, I’ve copied the article into a PDF here.
Once Scorned, Doelger Homes Now Prized for Mid-Century Design