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How to See 14 Open Houses in ONE Sunday – Without a Car!

f-market-small.jpg Real estate in the City is crazy no matter how you look at it. Trying to check out open houses on a Sunday in San Francisco without a car can be quite a challenge! And let’s face it… it can be a challenge WITH a car too! (Have you ever pulled up to a particularly hot open house even to find that there wasn’t even any room DOUBLE park?!) Most people are lucky to hit up 5 or 6 open houses on a Sunday. But my clients, without a car, where able to see 14 open houses in just ONE Sunday! was how they did it! They didn’t just stick to one neighborhood either… their property search is spread over a handful of neighborhoods that are fairly spread out across the City (from Noe & Eureka Valley, to Inner Sunset, to Haight Ashbury and Hayes Valley, to the Valencia Corridor and Inner Mission, to Potrero Hill) and in just about 3 hours, they were able to see all of them, using just MUNI, their two legs, and
If you’re feeling daring, go ahead and leave your car at home, and see how many open houses you can see in one Sunday – and if you give my clients a run for their money, drop a comment here and let other blog readers know.