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Helping SF Bay Area Seniors Get Active

I recently got a note from Ben Lewis, founder and owner of Engage as You Age.
Ben asked me to share a little info about his organization, and because we all either know someone that is older and may need a friend to get through a time that can be emotionally challenging, or will eventually be older and will one day need a friend to get through a time that can be emotionally challenging, I thought it was, indeed, worth sharing.
Ben writes:

I run an organization, Engage As You Age, that works with homebound and isolated seniors and older adults. We pair them up with people who share their passions (and who also have personalities that they’ll get along well with).


We work throughout the SF Bay Area (including all of SF) and our office is in SOMA (on 5th Street).


We’ve got a big couple of months ahead of us. We’re going to be on CBS 5 next month (filmed it recently but don’t have air date for the 5 minute spot yet) and are a finalist for a 30-minute tv show about us!


Since you seem to share information about community organizations, I thought you might be interested to learn more about us and share with your blog readers.


Engage As You Age fosters lively, intergenerational connections based on shared interests and passions. The carefully screened Activity Specialists sensitively woo homebound or psychologically isolated seniors into more active engagement with the world.


Regularly scheduled home visits may feature stimulating discussions based on shared passions and hobbies, a common interest in the arts, or the teaching of new skills. These sessions not only alleviate loneliness; they forge new friendships that help to lessen seniors’ reliance on immediate family members to meet their social needs.


Go to to learn more.

Thanks for sharing, Ben!  And if any other readers have a great local organization that they’d like to share with readers of this San Francisco blog, shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to post it!