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Help the San Francisco Zoo Double their Donations

Your San Francisco Zoo has been fortunate to receive a New Donor Challenge Grant. A generous long-time Zoo supporter will match up to $30,000 that comes from NEW donors to the Zoo.

Since I’m already a member (and thus a donor) my money doesn’t count.  But, I am able to participate in the Who-Can-Refer-The-Most-New-Donors Contest.

So I am asking everyone I know to go to and make a donation…anything from $5 – $5,000 will help the Zoo reach the goal. There will be a space for the “new donor” to fill in my name (Luba Muzichenko), and I’ll automatically be entered to win either a FREE week of Zoo Camp this summer for two children or an EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes tour for eight.

The deadline to donate is Friday, March 20, 2009. Thank you ahead of time for making this extra effort.  If I win either of the prizes, they will both be raffled off to those of YOU that have made an effort and donated!  (Shoot me an email to let me know you donated and how much, and I’ll confirm details with the Zoo IF I win the contest.)

This grant applies to anyone who hasn’t donated to the Zoo before, so even if you don’t want to say that I referred you, I welcome you to contribute to the San Francisco Zoo and have the impact of your donation automatically DOUBLED!!!