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Help Save the San Francisco Zoo from Chris Daly!!!

Many of you know that I’m an avid supporter of the San Francisco Zoo and its conservation efforts.  In fact, a portion of every one of my sales gets donated to the SF Zoo.

I received an emergency plea today from the San Francisco Zoo. 

Please, if you care about conservation programs, please reach out to your San Francisco District supervisor.

Please read the details of what will happen if we let Chris Daly stick his nose where it doesn’t belong!!! 

And take a look at the plea from the SF Zoo below.

We need your help and assistance as we near the upcoming Board of Supervisors hearing on Chris Daly’s “rescue zoo” legislation. This meeting will decide the fate of the San Francisco Zoo.

As you are probably aware, it has been a trying time at the San Francisco Zoo since the events of last Christmas, but changing the Zoo into a rescue facility is not the solution. We already care for more than 100 rescued animals (e.g., the Animal Research Center education animals, the grizzly bears, and Ulu, one of our polar bears), but the legislation would require that all future animals come from rescue situations, with a few limited exceptions. Under this scheme, our Members would no longer connect with rare and endangered animals or learn about the conditions of their native lands, but more importantly, the legislation would eradicate much of the Society’s contribution to conservation, endangered species education, and other vital programs here at the Zoo.

Supervisor Daly’s “rescue zoo” legislation will be heard before the full Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, September 9. The Supervisors as well as the Mayor need to hear from you before September 9 if we want to stop this legislation. To make communication easier for you, please visit for more details on the legislation, the Zoo’s position on the matter, and how you can help save the San Francisco Zoo – from writing letters to meeting in-person with your District Supervisor.

Mayor Gavin Newsom
District 1 Jake McGoldrick 
District 2 Michela Alioto-Pier
District 3 Aaron Peskin, President of the Board
District 4 Carmen Chu 
District 5 Ross Mirkarimi 

District 6 Chris Daly 
District 7 Sean Elsbernd 
District 8 Bevan Dufty 
District 9 Tom Ammiano 
District 10 Sophie Maxwell 
District 11 Gerardo Sandoval

On behalf of the entire San Francsico Zoo community, I thank you in advance for your consideration and assistance.

Best regards,

Tanya Peterson
Acting Executive Director and President