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Help Me to Help You!

As this little San Francisco real estate blog gets more popular (it averages 1500 unique visitors a month), more and more of you reach out to me through email and instant chat to ask questions about specific properties, about the real estate market or even about blogging in general (though I can assure you that I’m no expert on that topic.)
And while lots of you email me, a fair amount also use the instant chat feature you see on the right hand side of the screen as well which lets you send me an instant message whenever I’m online. 
Unfortunately though, I can’t be online all of the time because I need to be out in the field helping buyers find SF homes or working with sellers to get their SF properties ready for sale.  And when I’m not online – you can’t have a live chat with me. 
So please, please, please – if you’d like to send me an offline message, either email me or be sure to leave a way for me to contact you in the chat window (email or phone number are equally as effective). 
Because if you take the time to ask me a question – I want to give you an answer!
But,  I can’t respond if I have no way of getting back to you (and some questions are just too personal in nature to post for the world to read).
Now – all that being said, give me a holler if you have any questions about San Francisco real estate!  I’m always happy to help! :-)  And be sure to leave your contact info – help me to help you! 🙂