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Hell Yeah! – I'm a Native San Franciscan!

So – I was browsing the blog-o-sphere like I often do, looking for fun stuff about San Francisco and about SF Real Estate when I ran across FriscoVista’s “Top Ten Classic Frisco tunes”. 
And as one thing often leads to another, I found one of FriscoVista’s older posts where he (the blog author) took a SF Bay Area Native Test at – and he (the blog author) did a hell of a job by scoring a whopping 17 out of 18! 
Partially because I’m competitive as hell, and partially because I claim to be an “almost native” San Franciscan (I was born in the former Soviet Union, a.k.a. today’s Ukraine, but came to San Francisco when I was just two and a half years old), I decided to take the test and….
I scored a 16 out of 18 which puts me at:

16-18 correct – You’re a true Bay Area native – and you even got some of the EXTRA CREDIT questions! Impressive. Feel free to look down on Los Angeles with pride. (You probably already do.)

Yes – I admit, FriscoVista beat my score, but I’m human.  And I took the test late at night (um, or is it early morning?) and I didn’t eat my Wheaties today (that whole low carb thing doesn’t allow for Wheaties).  But it still called me a “True Bay Area Native” – I done good!  🙂
I often tell people that I’m as close to being native as I can get without actually being born here.  I’ll spare you the full story (you can check out the about me page if you like) – but I have to say that I’m ridiculously lucky to not only live in the only City I’ve called home (or ever wanted to, for that matter), but to also be able to do what I love for a living (sell real estate) in the best City in the world!
If you have questions about the City or about SF Real Estate, contact me – I love the City and am happy to help you call it “home” too – even if you’re not a native.  😉