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Great Highway Sandstorms

My Little Sandcastle in the Making

The last few days down here on Great Highway have been rough. The roads have been closed due to sandstorms, the cars that have dared to park outside here all have a thick layer of sand covering them, and I think if I combine the sand that has blown into my entryway, the sand that has blown in through the tiny cracks around my front door and the sand that I accidentally let pour into my house when I took a chance and opened my front window a few hours ago, I think I have enough sand to build a small, but well built sandcastle.
These are the days when I’m grateful for hot tea (or maybe hot chocolate with a hint of kahlua?) and my dog to cuddle with in between catching up on paperwork.
Point being, no matter where you live, you almost always have to make some trade-offs. If you buy a house with fantastic views that’s high up on a hill, you might not be located close to a coffee that you can walk to. Or if you live near public transportation, you might not get to live on a quiet street without any traffic.
If you’re looking for a home in San Francisco, or anywhere else for that matter, you will likely have to make some trade-offs to find the things about your home that will eventually make you happiest.
For me, I love the beach, I love my neighborhood, I love my produce store (yay Noriega Produce!) and I love my neighbors. So if that means that on windy days, I have to huddle in my house with my dog and a cup of hot tea (or hot chocolate with a hint og Kahlua?), I’m willing to make that trade-off.
And when you’re looking for a home, you too will have to decide what things you are willing to give up to get to the things that will really make you happy. 🙂

Posted by ShoZu