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Google Your Way to Your New San Francisco Home

I can’t believe that I didn’t catch this one on my own – I’m looking at Google Maps everyday for one thing or another.  But it HAS been HOT!  And the heat must have made my brain melt just a wee bit. 
Luckily SF Citizen is on the lookout!  While I was trying to guess just how hot it was going to be in the rest of the City (at my house on Great Highway, it was about 10 degrees cooler than it was in the rest of the City all day long!), SF Citizen was already reporting that Google is now showing San Francisco real estate listings on its map feature!
SF Citizen reports that Google says:

Google Maps is evolving from a driving directions and business search tool, to a comprehensive representation of all the world’s information, on a map.” That’s why Google Maps started to integrate different layers of information when you search for an address and it added a new “More” button to enable layers for photos and Wikipedia articles.

While it ain’t no MLS Property Search, it’s a start.  I’m guessing that soon enough, Google will figure out a way to make the search even more comprehensive. 
Thanks to SF Citizen for being on the ball while some of us were lacking focus due to the current heat wave.  And if you were melting just like me, grab yourself a hunk of ice to cool yourself down, because Thursday is supposed to get ever hotter!
Stay cool San Francisco, stay cool! 😉