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Good News In Real Esate?

Who woulda thought that someone out there was willing to report good news about the real estate market?
It seems that every other day I’m getting a call from my mother asking me how I can possibly afford to eat because the real estate market is doing so horribly.  And when I’m not trying to convince my mother that I do indeed have enough money to eat, and pay for housing and gas and work expenses and (gasp) actually enjoy life and take vacations, I am talking to clients and strangers about the condition of the real estate market here in San Francisco. 
I’ve mentioned in previous posts that it’s far from being all bad here in the City.  There are plenty of homes that are selling quickly if they’re desirable and priced right.  And while those that bought a year or two ago may not see any return on their investment if they are trying to sell today, those that bought 3 years ago, in most cases, are doing pretty well.
So after reading all of the real estate doom and gloom that constantly innundates the media – it was refreshing to stumble on Happy Real Estate News.  They list all of the positive changes that are going on in real estate markets across the country from decreases in days on market to increases in prices to increases in sales volume. 
And (drumroll please….)
… San Francisco is mentioned on every list.  Prices are heading up, days on market is heading down, volume is heading up…. the gloom and doom hasn’t taken us down here in SF. 
So if you’re feeling a little glum about the market, swing by Happy Real Estate News and take a little breath.  Things aren’t as bad as the media makes them out to be.