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Getting to Know Your San Francisco Realtor

Bubble GumWhat do I have in common with Paris Hilton?  Nothing, but if there was a movie made about my life, I’m thinking she might just have to play the role of yours truly. 
The web site has been doing a series of “bubble gum interviews” with some of the “elite in Real Estate.” 
“Elite” might be an overstatement since I was included in the ranks – but hell, I’m thinking it might make me mildly famous. 
How does a “bubble gum interview” work?
Lani from emailed me a list of questions, and I answered them.  Well, actually, I answered most of them, and then substituted a few questions of my own. I mean, would you rather know whether I’m a Mac or PC fan?  Or would you rather know about my passion for ribbon dancing. 
Lani starts by saying:

Thanks to Twitter, Luba Muzichenko (her twitter and her blog) recently became my friend and who wouldn’t follow someone with a bio like “San Francisco Realtor by addiction, San Francisco blogger by choice”??

Check out the whole article to learn more about me.