Getting Real – Truth in Advertising

San Francisco Real Estate 2

On this wet and rainy Monday, I thought I’d share a refreshing little listing that put the “real” back in “realtor!” 🙂
Real estate agents are known for some serious fluff in our marketing pieces.  We use words like “cozy” when we mean “tiny”.  Or we say it has “potential” when we mean “once you rip out the kitchen, the bathrooms, the wallpaper, and that hideous statue it’ll be exactly what you want.”  
I could go on with the examples, but you get the point.
But for once, I found a little something something that was about as honest as it gets.
The listing agent’s marketing remarks:

Needs everything, not just TLC… but everything! Not to be even concidered unless you are a contractor. Still want to see it? Be prepared to walk lightly because you may fall through the floor. Nice roof just a few years old,at least something is good on the thing.

High five for a nice dose of reality!  😀
Full details on the bargain priced fixer (Just $350,000) located at 522 Athens in San Francisco can be found by clicking here.