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Get Your Snuggies Out, San Francisco, It's COLD Out There!

If you weren’t already up around 6am this morning, then I’m SURE you were woken up by the torrential rains that were coming down here in San Francisco. I thought it was raining INSIDE the house, it was so loud.

And while it may not be pouring right now….. it’s still C-C-C-C-COLD!!!!!! I can barely feel my fingers as I type this.  Why anyone would want to live in a place that has this kind of teeth chattering weather all winter long is beyond me.  I’d really like my San Francisco summer fog back, please.

So…. to cope, I’ll be on my couch, catching up on realtor chores, drinking copious amounts of hot tea (there may be rum involved later) and wearing my Snuggie.  Yes.  I have Snuggie.  Don’t judge.

Hope the rest of you have a plan to keep yourself nice and toasty.

And as for the snow that’s been forecasted?  Check here for current updates! 😉