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Get a House in Marin for $150!

dog-small.jpg Totally unrelated to this post… but before I start, I ran into someone today, a fellow agent, that recognized me from my blog! How cool is that? I’m getting famous! 😀
OK… on to somewhat serious matters… I received a link today to this Dream House Raffle in Marin. First, I’d like to point out that I’m not advocating moving to Marin. If you like Marin, go for it. It’s a great place to live, it’s pretty sunny, it’s close to all sorts of hiking trails, and I’m sure it’s got all sorts of other stuff going for it. But I’m not a huge fan, and you wouldn’t catch me living there – I’m a City girl, always have been, always will be. But for a whopping $150, you have a chance of winning a home in Marin (or $1.7 million if you prefer to take the money, and buy yourself a beautiful home in San Francisco… which is my recommendation, and please, do call me if you take my advice… I’ll be happy to help you find the perfect place in the City.)
I’m AMAZED to think that it really makes more sense to raffle a house (they are hoping to get 35,000 entries, which would bring in $5.25 million) than it would to sell the house and use the proceeds. At minimum, it would take around 12,000 tickets just to break even. Really, there may very well be that many people that are willing to gamble on such a raffle… and there may even be people willing to just call the raffle ticket a donation (I don’t think that it’s tax deductible though… check with your CPA if you’d like to confirm) and decide to help a good cause, but it’s hard for me to imagine buying a $150 raffle ticket. That’s all.
Anyhow, if any of you decide to enter the raffle, let me know how it goes! If you win, you can buy your favorite San Francisco REALTOR® dinner for telling you about it! 🙂