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Don't Vote for Pedro, Vote for Luba! (OR Luba's SF Real Estate Blog, Actually)

This is a shameless plea for your help!!!  

Well, my little San Francisco Real Estate blog has been nominated as THE BEST OF THE BEST!  Or something like that. 
It’s The National Real Estate Blog Brawl 2009!

They’ll take the 31 blogs with the highest number of nominations and begin the Brawl. (Ties will be decided by which of the tied blogs was nominated first.) 
And then the showoff begins, March Madness style!

Then scroll down and enter into the entrybox. 
Then cross your fingers.  Unlike the Oscars, there is little honor in being nominated – the goal is to WIN!!! 
And please feel welcome to pass this request on to your friends, family, coworkers, and even your kids if they have their own computer.