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So today I was checking out my site statistics and did a double take!
When I started my blog, I had a few readers. maybe 10 or so – mostly friends that were forced to read this little San Francisco real estate blog (or bribed into it with the promise of “c’mon! I’ll buy you a drink for your opinion!”)
As time went on, this SF real estate blog was down to about 5 readers. I was out of friends to bribe, and believe it or not – not everyone cares about SF real estate.
But the last few months, I notice readership rising. And what’s even more amazing, many of you are coming back to see what else I’ve written recently. In fact, I had 1,500 visitors last month – and many of them returned time and again.
But sometimes when I’m out here writing, I feel like I’m writing about the SF market for an audience of one (that’d be me) – and it’s surprisingly nice to know that somewhere out there – there are actual human beings reading this little blog written by a little ole’ SF Realtor.
So, if you happen to be reading this – feel free to say “hi”.
You can email me through the contact me page – or if you’re afraid that I’ll be a stalker (a lot of agents get this reputation that we stalk people – it’s only true for some of us, and I hate stalking because fighting those restraining orders gets expensive! :-)), then just say “hi” through the chat icon. It’s totally anonymous and I won’t know who you are or how to get back to you unless you leave me your name, number, email address or something.
I’d love to hear from some of you out there. I don’t bite, and if you contact me through the chat window – I can’t bite! (Oh, and if I’m not online, then it’ll send me a message that I will open later.)
Oh, and of course, if you WANT me to get back to you – please leave me a way to get in touch with you. Otherwise, an anonymous “hello” will do. 🙂
Have a great weekend, and don’t be a stranger! (Well – you know what I mean!)