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Design Above All 2009 at San Francisco's One Rincon Hill





When I was invited to Design Above All, I thought I was pretty cool in terms of getting a “media” pass.  Being a real estate blogger sometimes has it’s priveledges.  But I’ve been to the One Rincon Hill development and sort of thought to myself, “How great of a time can this event possibly be?   It’s not like I haven’t seen staged homes before and hell, isn’t this really just high end staging?”
But, it did sound intriguing. 
So I went to the event with low expectations and allotted a mere smidge of time to look around.  I hopped on the elevator, rode to the 53rd floor and THAT is when I started drooling.  The units were so remarkably designed that I lingered in each and every room for FAR longer than I expected.  Each unit was just amazing, and I had the added pleasure of watching the Blue Angels practicing there formations as they flew around the City. 
The 4 condos where designed to the nines by four local bay area designers.  The idea was that each designer got an “imaginary” client with a backstory.  One condo was for a Google executive, one for a retired couple from Atherton, and two others that I honestly don’t remember because I was so overwhelmed by the design elements that overtook me at ever space. 
And not only are the units absolutely incredible. they are also FOR SALE!   The prices range from $3.1M to $3.6M depending on the furnishings that the views, and YES, they come FULLY FURNISHED!!!
If you’re interested in purchasing one (or all four!) of these amazing units, give me a holler – I realllllllly want an invite to the house warming party!   :lol:
Some info from the press release:

Styled by a mix of established and up-and-coming Northern California interior designers and design firms, the 53rd floor residences in San Francisco’s 64-story landmark residential tower showcase the finest interior design styles, home furnishings and accessories from SFDC showrooms.  Design Above All will run for six weeks, starting this Saturday, Sept. 19 through Nov. 1, 2009, at One Rincon Hill, 425 First St., in San Francisco’s SoMa District.
“This unique focus on the trend of high-rise living gives an interesting twist to the traditional decorator’s showcase concept,” said Rhonda Hirata, marketing director for the SFDC. “One Rincon Hill is a landmark and an ideal venue to showcase the creativity of the regions’ top designers and the Design Center’s showrooms.”
Four Northern California-based design firms were selected to implement their visions for an entire condominium home, ranging in size from 1880-1957 sq. ft.  The firms are:

  • Carver+Schicketanz, Carmel, Calif.  
  • Eugene Anthony and Associates, Ltd., San Francisco 
  • Labexperiment, San Francisco
  • Donald Joseph Inc., Sacramento, Calif.

Providing inspiration for the design challenges and opportunities inherent in high-rise condominium living, the homes will be open for public viewing each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for six weeks, beginning Sept. 19.  The expanded final weekend schedule will include both Sat., Oct. 31 and Sun., Nov. 1. Admission is $20 and benefits three local charities: PAWS (, Food Runners ( and At the Crossroads (  During the event, the fully-decorated homes will also be offered for sale, with prices set on Sept. 19. 

One Rincon Hill, the setting for this unique event, is a soaring new high-rise residential development that has become one of San Francisco’s most recognizable landmarks and among the tallest buildings on the skyline, in part due to its location atop Rincon Hill, the last buildable hill in the city and the ‘first attraction’ visitors see as they cross the Bay Bridge into the City. One Rincon Hill is at the heart of the growing SoMa District, where dozens of high rise towers have sprouted up in the City’s fastest growing micro-neighborhoods.  The entire 53rd floor of One Rincon Hill is dedicated to the Design Above All event, and each home will showcase the tower’s magnificent floor-to-ceiling views of the City and the Bay, with bold looks created by four noted designers.
Hirata said it is interesting to see how the designers approach the dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows and jaw-dropping views, while also addressing space issues and distinctive layout features common to modern high-rise condo towers sprouting up everywhere.  The designers have also considered the lifestyle of typical condo residents, whether they are a young professional couple with dog, a Silicon Valley executive on-the-go or an empty-nester couple trading suburban sprawl for a fresh urban lifestyle. 
According to Mike Kriozere, principal of Urban West Associates and developer of One Rincon Hill, the four designers each bring a different perspective to Design Above All, offering unique ideas and clever solutions — and even some whimsy — which visitors can incorporate in their own high-rise home.
“The San Francisco Design Center has created a tremendous opportunity for people to explore the possibilities of condo living and see how good interior design can contribute to this continuing urban lifestyle trend,“ said Kriozere, who was also among the esteemed panel of judges which selected the designers: Sarah Lynch, executive editor, California Home and Design; Heather Luplow Hartle, editorial + creative director, California Home and Design; Cherie L. Turner, editor, The Nob Hill Gazette; and, Michael Bauer, executive editor, San Francisco Chronicle.
“We’re excited — and honored — to host this unique design happening at One Rincon Hill,” added Kriozere, “And we look forward to welcoming design enthusiasts, as well as the condo-curious, to the see the spectacular views from our 53rd floor residences — both inside and out.”
Design Above All,” inspiration for luxury high-rise living 2009, is open to the public Sept. 19-Nov. 1, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., Saturdays 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., at One Rincon Hill, 425 First St., San Francisco. Tickets are available at the door or online at  Admission is $20 (includes parking) and benefits three local charities: PAWS (, Food Runners ( and At the Crossroads ( Group rates available and must be arranged in advance.  For more information, call (415) 490-5820 or visit