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Cherry Blossoms in Hayes Valley (and All Over San Francisco!)

I know, I know, you’re tired of me talking about our awesome weather, but I just couldn’t help but smile as I went past these Cherry Blossoms trees in Hayes Valley (Pierce Street to be exact.)
We’re seeing Cherry Blossoms in bloom ALL OVER SF!  The glorious sunshine has fooled the trees into thinking it’s really spring and they’re blooming left and right.  Driving through Golden Gate Park is, frankly, magical!
And remember, Cherry Blossoms are a symbol of the fragility of life – here today, gone sooner than you realize – so don’t just enjoy the Blossoms while you can, but get out there and enjoy San Francisco!
Thanks to James leaving a message in the comments below, I now know those are PLUM blossoms!  NOT cherry!  But they still sure are PURDY! 😉