Buy a Home

When you’re looking to buy a house in San Francisco, work with a trusted and experienced real estate agent. And in San Francisco, you need an active experienced agent who really knows and understands the nuances of the local market and stays on top of changes as they occur. Luba’s goal is to guide present and future San Francisco homeowners through the entire process with empathy, expertise and attention to detail. Luba knows that the details include not only your finances, but also how you feel about different neighborhoods, types of homes, and locations where you’ll find the most comfort and convenience. Luba’s job is to make finding a home as stress-free as possible for each and every client.

Meet Luba in Person

What makes sets Luba apart from other real estate agents in San Francisco is that she gets to know you on a personal level so that she can help meet your real estate goals, whether you’re looking for you’re a first-time homebuyer, have owned in the past and need to plant new roots or you’re an investor. A personal first meeting with Luba, at a coffee shop or at her office, is a key component to helping Luba get to know you and start the process of finding the best property for you.