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Brrrrr….. It's Cold in San Francisco (NOT!)

I almost caught myself complaining today that our February weather had dropped from last weeks high 70’s to today’s (brrrrr) mid 60’s.  I mean, I had to wear a jacket, in SF, in February.  How inconvenient!
But then I saw this post while browsing Laughing Squid’s blog.
And then I had to laugh at the superiority of San Francisco!  HA!  Snow Day?  We don’t need no stinking Snow Days!
And then, I caught this post on Uptown Almanac’s site featuring the video below.  Which made me stop laughing and feel bad for the rest of the country.

And then I got over my feelings of sympathy and started laughing again!
Hey, they could live in SF if they wanted to! 😉
Hmmm….. do you think that our near perfect San Francisco weather has anything to do with the overall resilience of SF’s real estate market?  I’d say so!  Cheers to not having any snow days!!! 😉
(And yes, I’ve lived here in SF since I was 2 years old, so I’m well aware that our winter months aren’t usually THIS mild, but I’m relishing in it while it lasts!!!  You should too!!! 🙂 )