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Break Your New Years Resolutions with the Top Five Candy Shops In (and around) San Francisco

New Years’ Resolutions are SO January 2011.  It’s February and you should really be over them by now.
And if you’re not, Haute Living is going to help you do just that.
Get your San Francisco candy fix on.  Screw the resolutions – you can always make new ones for 2012! 😉
Top places to get your sweet tooth on?
1) Z. Cioccolato
2) The Candy Store
3) Powell’s Sweet Shoppes
4) Fiona’ Sweetshoppe
5) Sweetdish
Fair warning,  not EVERY shop is in SF….. but I guess there might be life in other cities too (just like on Mars!) 😉
For the full breakdown – check out the article.   Oh yeah, and that song that’s now stuck in your head????  Sorry ’bout that! 😉