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Best time to visiting Ephesus Turkey

The city is divided into two general regions: the Ephesus old city spreading down from the Citadel, with Selcuk Square as its center; and “Ephesus 13th century BC the Greek peninsula was invaded by the Dorians” with Ayasuluk center about a mile from Selcuk in Ephesus Tours Guide you should know that some buses are privately owned.
Also, For these, you can purchase a ticket right on the bus, for slightly less than the cost of a city bus ride fom Kusadasi Port or the ephesus tours from izmir kusadasi and istanbul.
Connecting Izmir and Ephesus is Atatürk Bulvar?, the city’s main thoroughfare and reference point for all your wanderings in the city.
The local Tourism Information Office is in the headquarters of the Ministry of Tourism, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Bulvar? no. 33 (beginning in Kusadsi), in the section called Demirtepe. ( Best time to visiting Ephesus is April, May, September October.)
You can walk there in about ten minutes from Selcuk. Head west out of the square, and make sure that you’re on the left (southern) side of the street Cave of the Seven Sleepers, because soon there will be a barrier down the middle of the street, and you won’t be able to cross; you’ll have to walk about half a mile out of your way just to get across the street! The lettering over the door of the Ministry reads “Kültür ve Turizm Bakanl??i”. The actual Tourism Information Office is around to the right side, on Ephesus.  There are also small Tourism Information ( see: ) desks at the Ephesus airport.
Selcuk square is a vivid demonstration of lesser economics. Every conceivable product and service is offered here; nothing that will provide an honest (or sometimes otherwise) living is left out. On the sidewalk, of private tours to Ephesus with a big new department store as a backdrop, a man washes his hands while speaking into a microphone, plugging the brand of soap he is demonstrating.
The Artemis Temple and around shoeshine boys are everywhere and have boxes every inch as elaborate as those in Ephesus- Basilica of St. John and Museum of Ephesus, some even including such gadgets as electric bells (to attract the attention of would-be customers), portable radios (for music to work by), and tiny lamps directed at the work area (for working at night). Elsewhere, an old man in a gay knit cap is manning an ancient doctor’s scale, by means of which he’ll determine your weight in kilograms for a charge of 100TL (140).
Men dressed in white circulate through the crowd pushing carts filled with flaky, pastry like börek. A battered old station wagon has been parked on the sidewalk, its tailgate let down to display an assortment of men’s shirts which the driver-proprietor is offering for sale at bargain rates. In the midst of the loudspeaker spiels by countless hawkers, one old man sits quietly and contentedly on a stool with a box of metal shoe cleats and a ganglion of laces before him. You don’t even have to remove your shoes in order to have him tap a cleat on with his little hammer. department store is filled with row upon row of jars filled with golden honey which light up when the sun catches them.