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AT&T DSL Gnomes Toying With My Internet Service

The gnome that steals SF Realtor’s DSLJust wanted to drop a quick little note to my few loyal readers. I haven’t abandonded you.
AT&T has been toying with my DSL service. One minute it’s up and running, the next, it’s not. One day they say that they have the wrong email address tied to my account, the next they say that I have a weak signal, and then two days later – magically, my DSL connection just pops back up, unannounced – just in time for the technician to come to my house to see that there’s nothing wrong.
And as soon as the technician leaves – I’m sure the little DSL gnomes that play with my signal will be right back, toying with my DSL line, and my ability to post on this here San Francisco real estate blog.
Wish me luck beating those gnomes. And if you happen to use Comcast for your internet service, I’d love to hear if their gomes are any friendlier – I’ve heard that their gnomes don’t steal your signal just for fun? Is it true? Anyone?