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AT&T DSL Gnomes Toying With My Internet Service

GnomeJust wanted to drop a quick little note to my few loyal readers of this hear little San Francisco real estate blog. 

AT&T has been toying with my DSL service. One minute it’s up and running, the next, it’s not.

I had problems with these gnomes last year.  This year though, I managed to cut right to the chase.  The common denominator – RAIN.  And rusty telephone lines. 

You see, I live on Great Highway here in SF, and the salt air has a way of doing major damage to all sorts of stuff, in this case phone lines.  And since phone lines are used to carry my DSL signal, the static on the rusty phone lines causes my signal to drop. 

Sure makes searching the MLS for property listings a bitch. 

Wish me luck beating those gnomes.

And I’m still wondering if Comcast is any better?  If you happen to use Comcast for your internet service, I’d love to hear if their gnomes are any friendlier – I’ve heard that their gnomes don’t steal your signal just for fun? Is it true? Anyone?