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At Least My Phone is Smart – It's Time to Spring Forward

Yes, today, March 9th is the day to move your clocks one hour ahead. 🙂
If you’re reading this and you (like me) forgot all about daylight savings time, last night (or this morning – however you want to look at it) you should have “Sprung Forward.”
I know we’ve had some recent changes in the Daylight Savings time dates, but apparently I haven’t quite wrapped my head around those changes yet.
In fact, if it wasn’t for my phone letting me know to confirm the hour – I would have never known it was time to adjust my clocks an hour forward.
To find out more information about daylight savings time including history, origin, how it’s called “summer time” across the world and much more, click here.
Though you may want to wait to read about it until we “fall forward” because by the time you’ve read this and “sprung forward”, you’ve already lost an hour!