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Are There People Following Me?

Twitter.comI’m not paranoid – there really are people following me.  As of this very moment, 51 people to be exact.  But they’re not there when I turn around.  In fact, I don’t even really notice they’re there. 
But here and there, I catch myself talking to them.  I send them a message here and there.  I let them know about a new blog post.  I share a random thought.  I let them know when I’ll be hosting an open house.
Sometimes, they talk back.  They do this @reply thing that took me a few days to figure out when I first started doing it.  But now, I’ve figured out how to @reply, and how to twhirl and in the near future I might even try some other new things. 
You too might want to follow me.  Sign up.  And say “hi” when you do!