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And We're Back….

So you may have noticed I have been MIA for a while. 

Some of you sent sweet emails asking if everything was OK.  Big hugs to you! 🙂

Some of you sent crappy emails telling me you were never reading my blog again since I hadn’t posted in a while.  No hard feelings, but you also won’t really be missed.  I wish you the best, and I’m sure you have found a new real estate blog that will keep you happy.

Frankly – sometimes life comes first.  Things like being there for family and taking care of my clients are more important than blogging.  I’m a human first, a realtor second, and a blogger third.  So when something ha

Bug that being said – life has calmed down and so, it’s time to blog again.  I’m not promising daily posts, but I’ll try to keep you aprised of all the goodies that are going down in the San Francisco real estate market. 

Stay tuned – real life real estate  info is heading your way! 🙂