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A San Francisco Mobile Photo Blog

So I was looking at the really crappy photos that my phone takes – and decided that it’d be fun to try to do something with them.
So, I decided to start a really crappy San Francisco Mobile Photo Blog.
One day, when the network at my office can happily support a Smartphone that can take better photos , I might have a slightly less crappy mobile photo blog, except that I will still be the photographer, which means it will be only slightly less crappy.
I’ve only taken a few photos so far – and as you can see, they’re not great. Occasionally, I might sneak a photo taken on a “real” camera in there if I can’t help myself – and I’m sure from time to time I won’t be able to control myself, because that’s just how I am.
Hopefully you enjoy it, but if not – at least it give my phone a new purpose – it’s no longer just for answering email, surfing the MLS and finding the answer to random trivia questions while at the dinner table – it’s now the key to A San Francisco Mobile Photo Blog full of somewhat crappy photos. 🙂