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A Little Friday Fun from Luba's San Francisco Real Estate Blog

Normally on Fridays, I do a historical photo post of San Francisco.  I’m a bit of a nerd, I like history and I LOVE San Francisco.  What can I say.

It’s been a rough week though, with several open escrows being juggled like balls in the air ( 5 ball cascade)…

                                                                                         …….. some new listings I’m prepping for the market ….


……and some buyers that I’m helping prep to get into the market by teaching them to balance their desires with their budgets. 

So I thought I’d throw something in today’s post that would make you laugh a little.

It’s a viral video from Zillow – and while I think Zillow’s “Zestimates” are crap (their estimates of property values have been as much as 50% off in some cases), they do have some valuable information on their site, including the amount your neighbor’s home sold for.

You could, of course, sign up for The City Update(TM) – The BEST San Francisco Real Estate Newsletter Ever! and get EVERY SINGLE PROPERTY THAT SOLD in San Francisco in the previous week right in your inbox every Friday, but that’s a different story. 

For now – check out the video and laugh a little.  And think of all of the people YOU’D like to give a little “Pillow Justice!” 

It’s Friday.  Smile.