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A Castle in SF's Ingleside – Complete with a Drawbridge!

The Ingleside Castle
The Ingleside Castle

Some people say your home is your castle and they mean it figuratively.  These folks say it, and mean it literally. 

The blog posts haven’t been as frequent as I’d like lately, and it’s because I’ve been busy.  Like “working 15-19 hour days and sleeping 5 hours a night most nights” busy. 

It’s a good thing I love this San Francisco realtor gig I’ve got going, or I would have SURELY lost my mind by now. 😉

Anyhow, somewhere amidst my travels whilst looking at homes with a client today, I thought I actually HAD lost my mind when I thought I saw a DRAWBRIDGE!

Upon closer examination, the drawbridge (and wisteria) are merely a mural, but I have to say, for a minute there, it looked pretty damn three-dimensional.

If you ever are in the Ingleside and are curious enough to check this place out, it’s on the 100 block of Margaret Avenue

And if you ever want to talk about buying or selling your (literal or figurative) castle in SF, give me a holler at 415-307-1392 or email me.  Please leave the drawbridge open though, I’m not a fan of moats.