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600 Goats Invade San Francisco!

goat-small.jpgOK… so maybe it isn’t an invasion, maybe they were invited. And maybe they’re not all over San Francisco, but confined to a hillside that’s part of the Laguna Honda Hospital Campus in San Francisco’s Forest Hill neighborhood.
But when I drove down Laguna Honda Boulevard today, I nearly broke my neck when I caught a glimpse of the goats grazing on the hillside! The goats didn’t run away from home to party in the City, but were brought in from Sycamore Farms of Monterey County to gobble up some the hazardous grass on the hillside that might, under the right circumstances, end up as fire hazard.
Apparently, this is the third year in row that the goats have visited Laguna Honda, but just the first year that I wasn’t too oblivious to notice that they were there. They’ll be staying through the end of the month, so if you want to catch a glimpse for yourself, here’s how to get there:

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